Making a Christmas Wreath

I recently found this lovely blog by a lady called Irene
I thought I would share with you these photos she posted on how to make a Christmas wreath. It is a tradition in her family to make one together every year. What a lovely way of spending time with the children and getting crafty. Please have a look for yourself over at her blog spot. I am off to buy supplies this weekend so I can give it a go myself with my eleven year old son. I have already promised him that we will make a ginger bread house in the coming weeks, with the agreement that is that he can lick out the mixing bowl. As an adult I feel robbed from this joy!! I'll keep you posted with our crafty projects. Thank you to the lovely Irene for the great tutorial.


  1. Very nice examples! I recently had an idea about making a wreath out of paper snowflakes...

  2. Thanks for sharing my post to your readers!