Jan Cavelle Furniture

Yesterday morning the new Jan Cavelle furniture brochure landed on my desk. I just had to share with you a few sneaky pictures as the range is absolutely stunning.

I have a lot of admiration for Jan Cavelle she is a real womens inspiration. Jan Cavelle started her furniture company back in the early 1990's after becoming a broke single mum. Jan started out by running her business from home and after a few years started to make ends meet and slowly expand. But then her furniture supplier anounced he was shutting down, to many this would have been the end of the road. But for Jan this was the start of a new faze to her business and she brought the company out. It has now grown from strength to strenght as a very succesfull business and Jan herself has gone on to win many awards. She really is an inspiration!

Visit http://www.jancavelle.com/ to see a full range of cutting edge furnitur.e

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  1. I agree! These are stunning! What a chic space! Enjoy the day, Kellie xx