Warm walnut is kitchen of the month

A beach fronted kitchen designed by Robert Bakes and Cecil Baker and partners in Sag Harbour, New York is featured in House Beautiful as kitchen of the month. There is a strong masculine feel to the whole design with the smooth walnut cabinets teamed with stainless steel appliances and the concrete look walls. I love walnut wood its by far my favourite with its soft chocolate tones. Walnut can be very dark and over powering as a kitchen cabinet and only really works well in a kitchen like this that has a lot of natural light coming in to it. This beach fronted house has large glass windows along one side of it so has lots of natural light shining in and so it works well.

The plastered walls imitating concrete is very clever and effective. Plastering walls is becoming very popular once again and with clever effects like this you can see why. Im not normally a fan of mixing woods in a kitchen but the Elm flooring works really well against the walnut cabinets. Working as a kitchen designer for nearly 7 years I have to say walnut is not very often a clients choice but as a wood its top of my favourites.

(sources - house Beautiful)


  1. I love your post! It is my favourite shade of wooden-brown, it goes very well with silver (great lamps!). And here: perfect match with concrete-look walls. I know that not everyone feels confortable with dark colours, but I think they can be very cosy...

  2. Oh my! Wood in the kitchen is just so beautiful! Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

  3. I just love walnut its my favourite wood the tones are so warm & cosy :)