Celebrity Bedrooms

Elle Decor featured several celebrity bedrooms recently & I thought I would narrow it down to my favourite 5 to share with you. I love being nosy at how the rich & famous live dont you?
Firstly I'll show you may favourite that of Sarah Jessica Parker. Its crisp & bright. Both simple & sophisticated just as you would imagine a bedroom of hers would be! I love the colourful accessories that bring the room to life, like the gorgeous aqua lamp. Theres enough subtle pops of colour to compliment this light & airy feeling room. The vintage chairs add a cute touch.

Cindy Crawfords bedroom has a wonderfully soft warm feeling to it with the creamy tones of  the walls & curtains & the luxurious rugs to the contrast of the dark wood & the red & gold bed throw. I love the chaise, I could imagine being curled up there with a book with the fire burning. Its both cosy & elegant.

 Ellen Pompeo (star of Greys Anatomy) has a mix of culture going on with her bedroom from the indian throw & the african pillows to the morrocoon brass lamps. I love the Egyptian wall hanging above the bed with its rich colours that stand out against the crisp white walls. It has a very sophisticated vibe.

I was pleasently suprised by the bedroom of Donatella Versace. I expected it to be far more vibrant like her known personality. Infact the ecclectic feel & the rich creams & gold of this bedroom are very understated for what I imagined. Im not sure about the metal bed but over all I really like the finished feel to this room its very beautiful.

This is designer Ralph Laurens master bedroom. It has a very tropical feel about it with the rattan furniture, wood floors & the the breezy cotton curtains hanging from the bed. The curtains are from his own Ralph Lauren home brand  as is the floor lamp. Very beech chic!
So whats your favourite or do none of these tickle your fancy?

(Sources care of - Elle Decor)

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  1. I love the Ralph Lauren decor style, it's simple and clean and fresh, perfect near a beach with those lovly draping curtains to keep you cool and relaxed. The tones are calming and the neutrals work well with minimal pieces to add the homely feel to it.