Stylish blogger Award!!!!

Thank you so much Allie from desire*design*delight for the stylish blogger award. I am a big fan of Allies blog page as you already know & have also followed her for sometime on Olioboard & so its a real honour that she would select me for this award. is a blog page dedictaed to fashion & interior design. Allie often features her own fabulous moodboards (as featured on my own blog last month), why not blog hop over & take a look.

Well the rules of excepting this award are that I have to firstly share 7 things about myself & then pass the award on to my 10 most stylish bloggers. So here goes.....

1. Firstly I am a mum to the most gorgeous 11 year old boy, Joseph. He is my most favourite person in the whole world, hes bright, funny, handsome & makes me laugh when things are tough. He's my little ray of sunshine & I am so proud of him.
Joe last summer
me & Joe a couple of years ago in Spain

2. I'm a complete chatterbox, I just cant stop myself from talking. I am even worse when I am nervous I just ramble on. Theres nothing better than a good old chat with the girls over a latte & a cupcake.

3. I'm a teensy 5 ft 2 inches tall (or small even) which has earnt me the nickname Polly Pocket from my gorgeous, leggy (ex model) friend Tracie. Her nickname in turn is Tink (Tinkerbell) as she lives at the bottom of my garden, quite literally as our gardens meet back to back. We often text to say meet at the mushrooms! This is the one thing I will miss the most when I move this year.

Me & (Tink) on a girls night out

4. My favourite food is roast beef with all the trimmings, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes & veg followed by apple pie & custard. There's nothing better on a rainy, miserable sunday than cooking & enjoying a yummy roast dinner before flaking on the sofa & watching movies with Neil & the kids.

5. I like to go running, (I used to run for my school very very many years ago) & have got back into it again with my gorgeous boyfriend Neil, we did a 10k run together for Cancer reserach last year. I also enjoy going to the gym a few times a week & I love horse riding although I sadly havnt been in a long time.
Me & Neil at my suprise party in november that he arranged for my birthday

6. Not a lot of people know this but Im good at story writing. When I lived with my friends years back I used to write silly short stories about them that made them laugh. I would love to do a creative writing course & maybe one day right a childrens book for fun. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter & if I pick up one of the books I just cant put it down again.

7. My favourie place is by the seaside. The whole corny thing with the amusement archades & the rides. I love sitting on the beach smelling the salty sea air & watching the waves. There is a cute little bay in Gorlstone near Yarmouth we go to. Its quiet & doesnt have lots of tourists. Theres a row of little promanade shops selling ice creams, fish & chips & little gift nick knacks. Joe likes to take his little fishing net to catch some crabs or take his little dingy into the sea. Its our happy place.

Ok well heres my top 10 most stylish blogs take a peek for yourselves


  1. Well done you - and thanks for the blog suggestions!

  2. Awww... your son is adorable! Nice learning more about you. :)
    Thanks for thinking of me... so sweet of you!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Congrats on your award!! What a great family you have:-)) One of my favorite places is the beach too, so grounding!
    Thanks so much for thinking of me!!
    Have a great week!

  4. Thank you so much for my lovely award!! I love these posts. It's so lovely to hear more about your life. I grew up in Brighton I'm a sea girl too!

    I love it that you can text 'meet me by the mushrooms'. That made me smile lots!