Drinks by the pool

Well the weekends arrived at last & I have a sneaky saturday out of the office today to spend with my gorgeous boys, Joseph & Neil. We have Neils cute little munchkins Isabelle & James as well this weekend & the sun is shining so I think a walk to the park with Crazy Daisy our dog is on the cards.
I was meant to be out painting the town red tonight with the girls but Ive not been feeling to well the past few days so I think a night on the sofa with a cup of tea, a hot water bottle & a cuddle from Neil is more likely :( oh well I havnt seen him all week so its hardly a hardship as he has been away at the police rehabilitation centre with a knee injury. Hes feeling a little sorry for himself as another operation is on the cards (hes already had several on his other knee) & the physio says he should give football up. The thing is its his passion so this is devastating news for him. I say your only young once enjoy it why you can.
Well enough about us thought Id leave you with this stunning poolside bar, well Im all optimistic with the sunshining & since Im meant to be out sipping strawberry martinis........ a poolside bar a girl can dream cant she especially after so many cold misereable months. Have a great weekend all xxx


  1. Love the round mirror with the round light fixture and the checkerboard floor.
    Have a nice walk with Crazy Daisy!

  2. Hi Sarah! Hope you feel better soon and that Neil's knee improves quickly.. I better not start talking about football...My husband has been playing for years now and well let's just say that it can be very frustrating at times...
    Take care - plenty of fluids and lots of rest should help:))

  3. Sorry to hear about the operation. Yuck! Save a seat for me at your pool bar :) XOL

  4. Claudia I sympathize, all Neil ever wanted was to play football but never quite made it professionaly past Cambridge city. He played in Australia actually he spent a year out there many many years ago. football is his true passion but hes had so many operations now he will end up crippled if hes not careful it does worry me but who am I to tell him to stop! xx

  5. I'm seriously drooling over this poolside bar! A-I need a pool. B-If I ever get said pool, I'm installing THIS bar :)