Spring Tease

Im stuck at home poorly today, not exactly resting I have my books to get straight for the accountant but they have to be done & Im not very good at sitting & doing nothing at all but quite frankly Im so washed out & exhausted Im just grateful to be home in my pjs even if the laptop is fired up :( I have managed to get a Drs appointment for tomorrow thankfully after being told I would have to wait a month to see my own doctor (yes seriously a whole months wait!!)! Its not like I have the sniffles or a sore throat I am in genuine pain for goodness sake, but I wont get on my soap box about it all........
Anyway after a weekend teasing us with some sunshine & reminding us that spring is in the air I thought I would share these pictures from our friends over in Australia who presently have our share of the sunshine.
When I saw this gorgeous table setting over on Beach Vinatge I got quite excited about the thought of garden parties & BBQ's. I love the mix of pastles & bold pops of colour & different patterns. 

But how about starting to bring the sunshine inside & brighten up the home with some pops of spring colour. I love these beautiful vases now in store at AdaandDarcy, they look so beautiful with the roses Kellie has styled them with. I planted roses in my garden last year but since I am moving in May I am not sure if I will get to see them bloom this year. Lets hope the sun comes out soon & I get to see them.
But lets remember as things warm up here in blighty, those down under are preparing for colder weather. Sorry guys  xxxx


  1. Oh, you poor thing. It's horrible feeling ill, isn't it? I hope that lovely picture of the table cheered you up a little bit. Spring has definitely sprung where I live in England. So exciting!!


  2. Gorgeous! I love the festive colors! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  3. So fun and happy...the flowers make me so excited about Spring!!

  4. Hey lovely,

    I thought I'd pop back again and check how you're feeling. I'm feeling a bit rubbish today as well...I can feel I've got a headache coming on. Bleeurgh.

    Anyway, I hope you have your feet up and are reeeelaxing!


  5. Thank you Sarah Im ok thats very kind hope you dont come down with anything quick with the vitamin C.

    Loving the festive bright colours cheered me up xx