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Having recently sold my own home I can totally sympathize with anyone trying to sell in this economic climate. But proving that homestyling really does work is in the fact that my own house sold in less than 2 weeks of being on the market.(which is thankfull since going on the market was delayed some what due to one thing & another- anyway forgetting all that stress), It all basically comes down to presentation. I know Ive said it before but a lick of paint really is the most cost effective way of giving your house a lift, making it feel fresh clean & generally more appealing.


Its very hard when you have a bold personality when it comes to home decor but just for a moment you have to switch off & forget your own personal taste.  Its a fact that properties for sale generally sell faster when they are decorated in neutral tones as they are easy colours to live with and a perfect blank canvas. This makes it easier for any potential buyer to visualise themselves within the space. I know that I have harped on about all this before but light, neutral tones create a calm, relaxed atmosphere. They are also ageless so no matter what a potential buyers taste whether contemporary or classic, neutrals will always compliment. At the end of the day you can jazz up the personality of a room with accessories as long as the basis of the room like walls, floors, ceilings ect are kept neutral. Focus on a quality base & have fun with pops of bold colour in pillows or wall art & accesories.

Light neutral colours also give the illusion of a room being more spacious. An important key to selling a house is the illusion of space. Good lighting is very important in a small space especially if your house is being viewed in the evening. Large mirrors are a good way of reflecting natural light back into a room giving it the illusion of being spacious; they also bounce around any artificial light, so the bigger the mirror the better. Clean the windows, sparkling clean glass will also reflect the light. A floor standing lamp shines into dark spaces and gives a cosy and homely feeling to a room. Scented candles are a great idea, not only do they give the room a cosy glow but make your house smell fresh too.

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Before putting my house on the market I gave everywhere a fresh lick of paint & a big de-clutter blitz .Trying to make your house appealing to buyers is all about making your space light and clutter free so create simple and clear surfaces to help them visualise the space as their own. Some personal items on show are great just don’t over do it, so often people can be put off by what seems like lack of space. Floral arrangements on end tables and dining tables are a homely touch but keep things minimal. Put belongings away as viewers don’t want to be stepping over things. This will give them a sense that there is little storage space. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than filling it with clutter so make sure your storage works well for you. Clutter is just that, clutter.The space under beds can hide a multitude of sins like extra shoes and clothes, the same principal goes for cupboards under the stairs. If there is a space, utilize it & box things away.

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Most importantly know the function of a room and make sure spaces visually flow together. You may use a room yourself for several different things, but for sale purposes a dining room for instance needs to be presented as a dining room. The spare bedroom needs to be presented as a bedroom and not a storage room and so on. Again this will make viewers feel there is a lack of space.

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 ................ Just remember the basic rules keep things clean, fresh & tidy & most importantly clutter free, good luck x




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