Somewhere to chill for the boys!

Weekends here time to let down your hair! Im off out to dinner & a few drinks tomorrow night with Neil. We are child free for the evening so are planning on making the most of it, especially since Neils been away alot the past couple of weeks. It also makes up for missing out on strawberry martinis with the girls last weekend. Wouldnt it be lovely though if you could bring the bar, the cinema & entertainment home like the rich & famous do, ah we can all dream cant we of that home spa & gym or a large games room......
What about a billards room like this one? Neil would love this room somewhere to chill with the boys, game of pool & a few beers followed by a game of cards around this funky glass table. All thats missing is a big plasma TV tuned into the sports channel I just dream of a walk in wardrobe & the clothes to fill it. Well Happy friday all, hope you all have a great weekend xxxx


  1. what a beautiful inspiration

  2. Gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good day.