Interview with Jan Cavelle

Jan Cavelle
I am incredibly excited to share this interview with you today. Jan Cavelle is an extremely busy lady so I am totally grateful that she has given me some of her precious time to take part in this interview. I blogged about the Jan Cavelle Furniture company some time ago but felt Id like to know a little more about this super women. As I shared with you once before Jan was a single mum when she started her company which is a very brave step, you have to admire her gutts. The business is now a huge success & Jan herself has countless awards under her belt. I have a lot of admiration for this savvy lady. (oh & her company just happens to design & make the most amazing furniture, I swooned my way through her brochure. Check out her website for a sneaky peek)

Photo source care of Oakeve Interiors
Firstly welcome Jan & thank you very much for kindly taking part in this interview.....

1. Where did it all begin for the Jan Cavelle furniture company, you were a single mum when you started out how did you manage it all & become so successful?
The truthful answer to that has always to be out of desperation for financial survival combine with a certain amount of bloody mindedness
2. What inspires you for your furniture pieces & what process do you use in creating them?
Designs tend to be evolutionary – re-thinks and spin offs from previous lines which suddenly seem to look so much better, just as in the same way broad design themes and trends can be traced back hundreds of years.  We make a lot of specials for people all the time too so I guess we also soak up current ways things are going, stuff that is being asked for.   I work very closely with my department heads doing the brainstorming.
3. Your furniture has been used by interior designers in top hotels around the country, where can we find your work?
In private homes, embassies, hotels world wide which is pretty amazing.  Hotels wise tend to be 4 and 5* ones such as Gleneagles, Greywalls, Bovey Castle but lots of lovely boutique ones as well.
4. Where can people buy your furniture pieces?
From most interior designers but if they get stuck there is a list of suppliers on our web site.
5. You have won countless awards but what has been your proudest moment with the business?
 Awards are pretty high up there especially the National Sales Decade of Excellence but on a good day when the atmosphere is right and everyone is happy and the buzz is going at work, it is pretty good just walking round thinking this is my business.
6. Which entrepreneur's influence you & which designers inspire you?
Entrepreneurs didn’t tend to be well known when I started off but I have to confess to having a soft spot for Alan Sugar – having seen him speak live, he is nothing else but sincere in his passion for British industry which goes an awful long way with me.               Designers again – difficult one to answer.  Studying furniture through the ages you get the genius of Hepplewhite or Chippendale for example – now there are dozens of very clever people but difficult to say who will actually stand the test of time.
7. What advice would you have for any women considering starting their own business?
Be very sure you are prepared to live and breathe it – it will govern your life
8. What methods do you use to promote your business & what would you recommend?
 Mainly telephone sales combined with brochure – tried and tested combination if a bit old fashioned.  Brochure is expensive but telephone sales good value for high return if done well.
9. What are your plans for the future?
To double turnover but at the same time keep staff happiness and enjoyment high
.....last one for fun
10. As a hard working women you deserve a guilty purchase, whats been your reward or bonus to yourself...a designer handbag or shoes or a sporty car?
Porsche boxter – is very guilty but...
Thank you so much for your time Jan your an inspiration


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