Continental Dining

I saw this beautiful image over on this week & now that the sun has finally come back out to play i thought Id leave this image with you for the weekend. I could image myself sat here with a continetal breakfast, reading the paper or a magazine or sitting down with friends for an evening meal & a few glasses of wine. I have posted a few times about alfresco dining lately maybe its the lack of sunshine here in blighty that makes me pine for it that much more.
Its been a busy week all round for me not just at work but because its half term & fitting in time with my gorgeous boy Joe & time for a spot of furniture shopping too. I got some brilliant bargains that will be delivered this afternoon from a shop that was closing down. You see moving in with my partner the lack of space for my clothes was a bit of an issue ( men dont seem to need a lot do they) & Neil has coped with a small bedside cabinet for his underwear & the built in wardrobe. My underwear is presently in plastic boxes & there wasnt enough space in the wardrobe for all my clothes (& believe me I have scalled down in the move). So wednesday we went into Cambridge & purchased a chest of drawers, new bedside cabinets & a dressing table just for me. I am very excited as living out of boxes simply wont do. Furniture shopping was followed by taking Joe to ToyRus that ended up costing me even more but after my furniture spend I cant really grumble its not like I came home empty handed is it?
Well a busy weekend ahead for me as I am off to a vintage wedding fair tomorrow with my friend Katie ( & my friend Jo on a little working outing that I will fill you in with at a later date. This is followed by a kids birthday party, so sunday will be far from a day of rest for me. Well I have chatted on way to much again about myself but hope you all have a great weekend
Sarah xx


  1. Such a gorgeous outdoor setting. Wish I was there now!

  2. I've moved quite a number of times and loathe living out of boxes! Glad you've bought your furniture, and at a bargain price even better!

    Lovely patio. Love all the stone.

    Hope you are having a great Sunday, Sarah!

  3. Fabulous! I always enjoy outdoor dining! Enjoy the wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

  4. Wouldn't it be nice to dine on a patio like that one? Gorgeous! Hi Sarah, thank you for visiting my blog. To answer your question about the pink flowers in the white vase, they are Gerber Daisies. They are wonderful because they last forever! If you have a Costco, they usually sell them by the bunch, otherwise, most grocery stores carry them as well. Have a great Sunday, Marcia