Bathrooms by Nuance

Bushboard have recently brought out these fun water proof panels as an alternative to tiles. I have the Nuance range now in the showroom & I have to say I really love the quirky designs for these panels. Below are the fabulous Rococo design which is based on a sweeping floral pattern & is available in black, white, fuchsia pink or stone. These are a great way of adding a dash of drama to your bathroom or even your downstairs clockroom. They are a great feature behind the sink as shown here.

Rococo fuchsia pink
If your taste is more traditional there are some classic plain colours & patterns also available in timeless designs. The plain herritage colours give you a choice of colours in stone, duck egg blue, deep red & green in designs that have taken inspiration from flocked wallpaper. These stunning patterns are printed onto durable laminate with the most wonderful finished results.
Damask slate wall panelling
Damask slate
Choose solid surfacing paneling like the image below to panel out a shower area or a complete wetroom. The smooth, virtually seamless material not only guarantees design style but also easy maintenance & long lasting quality. With a wide range of colours & patterns that can be mixed & matched with worksurfaces, panelling & splashbacks you can play around to discover your own style.
Bone cloud solid surface wall panelling


  1. I love the white water proof panel and the beautiful bathtub in the second picture :)

  2. Good morning, Sarah! THANK YOU FOR COMING to sit around my table of Proven├žal come again and wow, your style is just lovely!! Anita

  3. So interesting! I love hearing about new products. I like how it makes the bathroom in the last photo look so sleek and modern.

  4. Black and cream are quite beautiful when put together x

  5. Sarah, a wonderful idea and the panels are beautiful!

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    Art by Karena

  6. Oooh, that shower at the end of the post is just a dream. I could sstay in there all day until I was as wrinkled as a prune!!!!


  7. Sarah,

    That is such a great idea. I think it would look great in a kid's room.

    P.S. Have a great weekend!!

  8. Ah, I like how it's used almost like art in the first one.

  9. ahh perfect shower room, I want one please!! Wanted to renovate my current bathroom for a long time...