Dress to impress

I have a bit of a thing for dressing tables after dreaming of having one since I was a little girl. I finally had my wish recently & purchased a rather gorgeous chunky oak dressing table since the house move. (I am a very happy girl) I am revealing in sitting on my stall with my special girly space to get ready in the mornings. With plenty of draw space for my make up to my underwear. So today I thought I would share a few dressing tables with you from shabby chic to ultra contemporary, whats your favourite?
Below this gorgeous modern table with an oversized mirror makes a bold statement. It looks stunning but with no storage space it doesnt score high on my list but certainly catches my eye.
image - Johnathon Adler
 This cute little shabby chic dressing table was revamped by the lovely Laura over at dreamboxinteriordesign. isnt it so cute & it fits perfectly in the little alcove of her bedroom.
image - Dreambox
I love this vintage feeling dressing table with the cute little birdcage on display. Theres plenty of drawers to hid away all your clutter a fabulous place for any girl to get ready.
This ultra contemporary dresser doesnt have any hidden drawer space to tuck away your smalls but its certainly quirky

Tonelli Strata dressing table from Nest | dressing tables | 10 of the best dressing tables | bedroom furniture ideas | housetohome

A great alternative to a dressing table, this alcove uses wasted space to create a practical dressing area. Added hooks on the underneath give a hair dryer and other items a place to be hung out of the way.

Alcove dressing table- image- housetohome.co.uk


  1. The shabby chic dressing table is obviously my favourite! x

  2. I had a vanity growing up and loved sitting there and doing my makeup (especially in high school - LOTS of purple eyeshadow :). I hope to have another one soon!

  3. That first shot has been one of my favs for a long time. Can't get enough of his whimsical style.

  4. I love a good dressing table. I never had one growing up so I recently bought one and I love it. My favorite is your first pic because of the eclecticism of the room. Besides, who doesn't love a giraffe statue?:)