Oh be still my beating heart...........

Thought this image was the perfect one to leave you with after my day out yesterday for Ladies day at Newmarket Races. We still had a fabulous time even with the wind & rain. We were slightly stranded in the pink champagne bar for sometime until the rain siezed (an awful place for a helplessly cold girl to get stranded hey) & didnt get down to the course to watch the horses we watched from a screen in the bar...well a girl cant get her hat & pretty dress all wet can she. I shall upload some pictures of our dresses next week we made the effort to look the part. Well anyway back to the very gorgeous image below of this lush dressing room that any lady would die for. What a beautiful space  it makes my heart skip a beat. A girl can dream cant she & I dream of all the  beautiful items to fill this gorgeous room with too (sigh!)
Happy friday xx
luvdecor: walk in closet  purple closet


  1. WOW. WOW. And wow. Looks a lot like my current closet. Haha. Yes, in my dreams :)

  2. I want, no NEED, that closet!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Teresa

  3. Is that a closet or a store? So fabulous! Which girl doesn't want that? Love it!


  4. It's fabulous! Loving those bags in display! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  5. Such delicious eye candy! Fit for a princess!

  6. OH my! I would love to have this closet. It must be so much fun to get prettied up in this room:)

    I am so glad you visited and left a comment as it led me to you wonderful blog. I am your newest follower and can't wait to see more!