Designer Miles Redd

I am back from my weekend away by the seaside, I am not sure I am particularly refreshed more worn out but the kids had a great time & it was all for them after all. They have had their time on the beach with their buckets & spades, plenty of swimming & spending their pennies in the archads. I am looking forward to my own bed tonight I know that much. 
Well back to the land of interior design & I spotted this lush vanity over on  & after my post the other week about my passion for dressing tables I had to save this image. Its beautiful (not sure I could handle all the finger prints mind you) but I can still swoon over it. The image is from the work of designer Miles Redds  & I am so glad that Belle Vivir posted about him as I had never seen his work before. I took a little nose at his website & I was pretty wowed by it. 

The vanity unit is set in a beautifully designed bathroom. The mix of marbled walls & floors with wallpaper is breath taking. its so elegantly put together. How amazing would it be to have an un-suite bathroom like this. A space to relax & unwind at the end of the day as well as get ready for the day ahead or an evening out. I am totally in love with this space. From the art work on the walls to the gorgeous marble sink area complete with over-sized mirror. This really is a bathroom a girl would dream of. I shall certainly be keeping a closer eye on the work of Miles Redd from now on.

Miles Redd's website


  1. All I can think of is how much polishing I would be doing! xx

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous bathroom! Very luxe and glamorous!

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  3. Ive sent an email Sarah, xxxxx for the link :)

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I included this post in my Coud de coeur of the week post.