Its my great pleasure to introduce one of my bestest friends, the very gorgeous & lovely Katie (Aka Kitty Kat to me)for todays Friends Feature Friday....

Firstly I will introduce myself, my name is Katie Daly, I am 28 years old, married to my husband Joseph & am a mother to two gawgess, shabby chic children called Amelie & Bobbey who are 6 & 1. I have been running a wedding chair cover business for 4 years now and my service is aimed primarily at Weddings, but also includes Parties, Birthdays, Conferences, and any other Special Events that may require that elegant finishing touch.
In the year 2006, my husband and I were married at a beautiful Venue, that needed that extra special lift,  I decided that getting chair covers would make a huge difference, and they just lifted the room and made it so light and elegant. The only thing is every where I searched the prices and quality of the covers were not great. Luckily I have a wonderful mum who is very patient and very good with a sewing machine, so we went on to make my very own chair covers, all 110 of them and they looked stunning.

Ever since my wedding all my friends and family were asking to borrow my covers for their weddings and basically this is how I got into the business. I understand how important it is to every bride and groom to have the perfect looking venue, using good quality products and at good prices. I put my heart into every individual occasion and just absolutely love setting the venues up myself with the help of my sisters for the bigger weddings/party's.

Since my wedding I have purchased three more sets of covers, there are Spandex, Cotton Fitted Covers and Luxury Satin Covers. If you have a venue that has very large or unusual sized chairs the Spandex and Satin Covers would most probably be a better fit. The Spandex Covers are very stretchy and stretch over most arm-less chairs, and the Satin Covers are pulled and tied at the back to fit unusual shaped chairs.

After visiting a vintage wedding fair this year I decided to expand my business into the hire of vintage pieces. I have been collecting vintage china tea sets & shabby chic wonders from quaint little boutique shops all over now & have everything from beautiful tiered cake stands, to tea - pots & silver cutlery, buntings to shabby chic birdcages & vintage glassware & much more.

I have fallen so in love with all thats vintage I have also recently set up another business Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Parties. My dream is for everyone to be able to enjoy the charm & style of an afternoon tea in the comfort of their very own home, place of business, or venue of their choice. It is my priority to ensure my customers receive an exceptional, reliable service which exceeds all of their expectations & in turn, create a wonderful & unique experience that my guests will be talking about in years to come.

I look forward to popping in each month & sharing photos from events I have styled & with tips & advice to help inspire you
 KATIE x x



  1. Wow you are a real entrepreneur....seeing a gap in the market and going for it. Good luck with your future endeavours.x

  2. These are lovely! Those bird cages are wonderful! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  3. to love and industrious, creative woman!

  4. Those chair covers are amazing and wow what a sweet patient mother to sew all of those for you! Such a great idea for a businesss and I'll bet you do very well with your talents!

    Love the Tea Party business, how fun!

    So funny that you came upon my blog and it made you laugh with my silly daughter. I feel like my blog is so kindergarten compared to your college level or better yet masters level blog!

    I'm glad we cheered you up! There is usually no shortage of silliness over at our house so I hope you stop by again!

    And now you have a new follower!