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                                           UTILITY ROOMS- MY TOP DECORATING TIPS

Sick of the sight of your washing machine? Why not get the kids to help decorate it with removable stickers? It will add instant colour to a dull space and look great at the same time. I love the red spray of flowers added to the silver washing machine, and i'm sure there are other patterns you could choose from.  Have a look at for other stickers for ideas.

Pretty country laundry rooms. Make the most of a small space with a country style sink, and built-in shelving for cleaning products. Floral pictures and tongue-and-groove panelling keep the look pretty.  Either keep it white or make it a pretty vintage pink with shabby chic bottles and beautiful jugs.  Old fashion taps would complete the whole look creating a wonderful atmosphere to be in when doing the laundry - enjoy enjoy!!

Inject some colour into your laundry room like pink by choosing one tone and picking out complimentary accessories - this pretty pink shade isn't too over whelming thanks to the deep raspberry towels and a floral ironing board.  Whether it be towels blankets throws or linen, they'll look totally gorgeous by colour coordinating them throughout the unit.  Baskets and boxes can be used to hideaway all those bottles and sprays.  I love love love the ironing board cover, it's so lush and works lovely with the rest of the room you just wouldn't want to hide it away would you.  Display and show how proud you are of your special utility area!!!

Get organised in your utility room, especially if space is tight. Fit shelves above the sink for storing vases and keep taller flower buckets in the cupboards underneath.  Utility rooms don't have to be dull. Add interest with a bright blind in a graphic print. The blind fabric is Connections in Chilli, John Lewis.

Go for an all-purpose storage unit where you can if free standing. When it comes to housing a utility room sink, a large open storage unit is ideal. With extra worktop space, hidden storage and shelves, you'll have plenty of room to get your jobs done, all the while keep your cleaning products and laundry essentials close by. A great look for all those stunning accessories near by and on display.  The tap is a fav of mine too, that's on my list of items to get eventually for my kitchen.  Especially good for utility rooms as once pulled out you can move the tap around to suit you instead of  having the awkwardness of squeezing it in the bowl to get the water.  Have a good look in Ikea is my best advice.

Anodised aluminium shelves are great for storing laundry products. Make them unique by personalising them with paint.

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