Yellows far from Mellow

Its cold & windy outside & I am about to pop on my pyjammas get myself a steaming hot cup of tea & then snuggle on the sofa with my son & watch a movie. I am not a fan of January like most people, the miserable weather gets me down so when I spotted this beautiful sunny room I thought id post it for some uplifting inspiration.  

For lots more inspiration join me & two other designers tomorrow for moodboard Monday. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday x


  1. I had to laugh as you sound just like my husband! When the weather is cold he is miserable and when the sun is shining he's a different person. Funnily enough im the opposite, winter to me is beautiful and summer just means endless hot clammy days!! This colour scheme is very uplifting though! :)

  2. Love the yellow! Such am uplifting space. x