In The Pink Country Chic

When the Kitchen & Bathroom Designer magazine landed on my desk yesterday this bit of prettiness got my heart thumping. You would think designing bathrooms & kitchens every day I would soon get bored, but I totaly love to see beautiful designs & this bit of vintage country chic is certainly gorgeous. The new Alva kitchen door from Intoto is a dreamy mix of baby pink & glass segmented doors teamed with wildmaple work surfaces. Its vintage with a modern twist & totaly on trend. This certainly goes on my fantasy home list alongside the vintage inspired bathroom I posted the other day. Again all this pink would not be allowed in my house being out numbered by boys but a girl can dream of her fantasy girly home cant she.

We- Alva 107/ 343


  1. Oh Sarah it's beautiful, look at those massive floor tiles. Love the pink, love the worksurfaces - bet it feels smooth and luxurious! Yes it's in my dream too hun xxx

  2. I know gorgeous isnt it, I have a mental scrapbook going on of my lush girly pink home xx

  3. Developing the kitchen countertops of your dream makes sense if you will be spending a wide range of time in this property, and therefore, this kitchen. Its long been recognised that bathrooms are a great selling point for just a property.