Bathroom Inspiration

Create a hotel glamour style bathroom

Hotel glamour bathroom | Bathrooms | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetohome

Choose colour palettes in rich golds & bronzes or blacks, dark greys &  silvers for a classy & chic feel. Mosiac tiles add sparkle & glamour while large black or slate grey tiles add some sleek sophistication. If you have the space double up with his & her's sinks. Choose sleek gloss vanity units with mirrored wall units which reflect the light to give the illusion of more space. Be bold with your choice of light fightings too, a small chandelier or quirky modern fixture adds to the feel of luxury. Metalic accesories finish the look with a quirky piece of artwork if you have the wall space.

Monochrome bathroom | Bathrooms | Bathroom ideas | Image | Housetohome

Small black bathroom | Bathroom designs | Bathroom tiles | Image | Housetohome

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