Designing a Home Office

Built-in home office | Formal home office | Traditional home office | decorating ideas | PHOTO GALLERY | 25 Beautiful Homes | HousetohomeWhen designing an office at home whether its a spare room in the house or a small space tucked in the corner of a bedroom or under the stairs making the most of storage space is key. We would all like to be lucky enough to have a spare room to use as an office at home as it gives us the oppurtunity to really use the room as a specific working space rather than hiding items away. Traditional home offices have lots of open bookcases lining the walls & plenty of space to spread out our papers, drawings, moodboards or whatever our work may be. It also allows us to create plenty of storage space too.
But if you lack space to have a proper office area you can always utilize a small space like an alchove under the stairs or a corner of your bedroom by having a clever & effective design layout.  Home offices can be incorporated into spaces like your bedroom designed to match in with your bedroom furniture, this is a very popular idea to utilise a small corner of your room. If you have a large bedroom space you can always seperate the desk from the bed space by using a partititon.


  • Make your home office a bit more personal by adding a small selection of favourite possesions.
  • soften the space with soft furnishings.
  • Add some character with a splash of colour.
  • Be imaginitive mix up plenty of storage with display shelves.
  • Build in shelves in little alcoves to utilize the space. 
  • use spaces like a landing or under the stairs where space is being wasted.Paint this area a different colour to the surrounding space to make it feel like its a specific working space.
  • If blending into another room like a bedroom or dinning area try to streamline your furniture to match in discreatly.
  • If your office in an awkward shape as its tucked in a loft or divided into another space its worth having the space designed & fitted out properly by a specialist.
  • Invest in a good chair, you need to be comfortable while you work this is an important element not to sacrifice.  
  • If possible give youself a view but if you are tucked away in a small alchove & this isnt possible how about adding some scenic artwork to lift your spirits.

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