Dream Homes

Morning everyone & welcome to the first in my new series on 'Dream Homes' where we chat to my favourite designers & stylish bloggers about thier personal style & taste in interiors & what thier 'DREAM HOME' would be like, so let me introduce our first guest the lovely Sarah
                                from Modern Country Style

1. what & who inspire you most in interiors?
 In terms of who inspires me at the moment, I really like the work of
interior designer Eoin Lyons. I only discovered him recently and he
isn't terribly well-known so I feel I've unearthed a bit of a treasure!
And know the 'what': I love browsing through magazines and paint charts
(crazy, I know!). But sometimes I actually find that too much
inspiration can cloud my thoughts. If that happens then I have a
collection of well-loved interiors books that always bring me back to
where I want to be!

2. what is your personal style taste or is it very varied?

 My personal taste is very definitely Modern Country but this does
allow for quite a lot of movement within it. Some days, I'm more drawn
to the muted feel of the modern end, while on others, I want to revel in
country florals! The trick is trying to combine both so that I feel
utterly happy everywhere I look!

3.what interior items are on your 'I want' list?
 Definitely a tv cabinet to hide away all the paraphenalia that goes
with having the latest technology! We're curently having one made to our
specifications bevause it needs to fit into an exact space. I'm so
excited to see the difference it makes to our living space!

 4. Tell us about what would be your dream home?

My dream home is less about the look and more about the feel -
welcoming and warm. Spacious yet cosy. And, of course, decorated
perfectly from top to toe in Modern Country Style!!!



  1. Great interview. I'm glad she pointed out that too much inspiration can be bad. Love the images!

  2. Thank you so much for having me, my lovely! I really enjoyed answering your questions.

    Hope you're having a brilliant day!


  3. Your welcome sarah its lovely to have you.
    Yes Kristy too much inspiration can sometimes cloud things a little i think xx