Kitchen Inspiration

Shabby chic kitchen style

Since I have gone all shabby chic to vintage style on you this week today my kitchen inspiration has gone a little shabby chic too. I just adore all the white against the rawness of the wood flooring. Sometimes this much white can feel a little clinical & cold, but I really think it works in this space. Theres something about a little chic shabbiness that feels really comfortable to me, which is the obvious point to the style but being a mum when I look at interiors I look for a style that feels comfortable & a little lived in. Pristine, showroom style really doesnt work for me as great as it can look I am a girl who lives in the real world of children & animals trapsing through the home so plumped up perfect cushions & everything in its place would be hard work to obtain. This kitchen to me is totally inviting, its beautiful in its rawness.

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  1. Such a beautiful kitchen, I wish this was mine!!

    Bee happy x