Create A Magical Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a tutorial on some Christmas tree decorations I had been making at home (little robins & Gingerbread men). Well I have had the felt & the cotton out again to make some special mini stockings for the family each with thier initials on them. I plan to hang them on the tree with our other creations & fill them with everyones favourite sweets. (Another great idea would be to make them into a little mini garland.) 

For the stockings .....
You Will Need:-
  • felt (Iused green for the boys & red for the girls)
  • stocking template
  • red & green cotton
  • pins & a sewing needle 
  • some ribbon
  • some scrumptious sweets to put inside
How To:-
  1. Use your stocking template to cut out 2 mini stockings
  2. Sew some ribbon near the top of your stockings.
  3. Sew initial onto front of one stocking.
  4. pin together stockings & sew together leaving the top open to pop in your sweet gifts.
  5. sew some looped ribbon at one top corner so they can be hung from the tree.

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