Miss Shabby Chic's Beach Home

I posted on Rachel Ashwell on saturday (Miss shabby chic couture herself) & then I stumbled across these gorgeous images of her beach house so I just had to post them. If you swoon like me over all that's shabbily chic you will adore Rachel's stunning home. Her bedroom particularly is enough to get my heart racing. Decorated in dusky pink this beautiful feminine space has a truly romantic vibe about it with a pretty little flowery upholstered chair & the gorgeous mirrored dresser. With very little closet space her clothes hang neatly to view on a clothes rail. The house is small but as Rachel herself says 'less is more'

Rachel's master bedroom is filled with frilly touches and mirrors.

The house is crisp, light & white with hints of soft pastels. Rachel started  with a platform of white on the walls & ceiling, with a white sofa & other furniture pieces before layering in soft pastels. 

Rachel Ashwell's table setting.

Rachel keeps the house minimal & clutter free keeping only what she needs to hand. She painted the kitchen walls and ceiling in a glossy white paint and covered the floors in white limestone giving the feeling of light & space & opts for open shelves displaying her good china & favorite teapot. Rachel really does know how to work with her small space this beach house is truly beautiful.

images via -opora.com


  1. I adore the kitchen. I think I would spend lots of time in there :)

  2. So causal and cozy. Love this look for a beach home! The white slipcovered sofas are her signature and so lovely in here.

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  3. I love shabby chic, that kitchen is so cosy, I love all whites theme. Btw, are you following me in a hidden mode? I can't figure out the new followers, some names are missing but number increased so to find out who they are I am asking the bloggers i started to follow recently.


  4. Like the other commenters, I love the kitchen too! It's very beautiful and inviting!

    Have a great week, Sarah!


  5. what a cozy living space! I especially loveee the closet / dressing area!

    I wonder when she said "small" how many sq ft it actually is...

  6. What cute images to stumble across! Cutest beach house ever!! I love the dressing area and the kitchen. Very cool bottles on the open shelves! Home looks super cozy! Thanks very much for stopping by my blog!