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Good morning & welcome to another Dream Homes post.

Today I am joined by the lovely Laura Adkin from Dreambox Interior Design
You will recognise Laura as she has been a frequent guest writer here on FTI she was part of the Moodboard Monday challenge & regularly pops in to write about Colour Psycology. Laura is a very talented designer & I have followed her blog for some time. Through blogging & the occasional Costa coffee I have also got to know Laura as a friend. I am a huge fan of her work  & admire her pure passion for interiors. So lets get chatting & find out more about her.....

1. As a designer what inspires you when completing a design plan for someone?

Everything! I find inspiration on the internet, pinterest, magazines, books, other designers. I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with a good magazine or interiors book and finding new inspiration. I have my own scrap books where I can pull out pages from magazines and keep all my inspiration in one place, including scrumptious receipes! Although, it is hard pulling magazines apart and throwing them away! I tend to pull them apart and keep the rest somewhere else, just in case! Other designers are great at teaching you new things, design is forever moving forward so there is always something new to be learnt


2. Do you have a particular signature style do you think?

I don't think so! I often find that I'm having an argument with 'myself' about this one! Looking at other designers who have a clear signature style I sometimes wonder if I should have but then I think that every client is different so not always feesable to apply a signature style, that said, if you had a signature style it would mean that you would only ever have clients who wanted you for your style and therefore you would always havea signature stamp!?
Over time I have moved towards more modern, chic designs but with a twist! Mixing old and new! And everything is unique for each client.

3. Tell us a bit about your personal taste & passions in interiors.

I love old properties with character. We recently renovated our living room and stripped it all back and discovered an old, red brick fireplace. It was completely different to my original drawings and mood boards but it was so exciting uncovering the fireplace and fitting it into my plans, which worked perfectly; without the fireplace it would have been too modern and white for my taste!I love texture too! I am quite comfortable in a neutral room, I am never drawn towards bright colours and texture and tone are key otherwise it can be very dull and lifeless. And finally contrast! I love brick and wood, especially teamed with white walls!

4. What would be your dream home?

I have always wanted a barn conversion! And as this is purely a dream at this stage, an outbuilding for my studio! Space and light, a mixture of old and new! I can just imagine entertaining at Christmas with a large Christmas tree and fairy lights delicately hung around the room with all my friends and family gathered around! I've always said if I can imagine being in a home at Christmas, that is the home for me............... and my husband is in trouble!


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